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The Ultimate Journal For Sailors

With JourSail you can document your cruises easily and fast.
Whether you're sailing with a little yacht or are enjoying yourself abord the Queen Mary II: with JourSail you'll have all your notes and memories in a perfect format quickly at hand.

Easy, mobile and a lot of fun

With JourSail you can make entries every hour, every day or every 15 minutes - however you like it. Follow the rhythm you prefer and change it whenever you want - just the way you like it.

Send your journal via email to your friends

Send your journal clearly structured and attractivly prepared directly from your iPhone or iPhone Touch via email to your friends, your family or any mail address you can think of. With JourSail paper copies are a thing of the past.

TopApp - Five Star Rating

JourSail got a five star rating from the iPhone & Co magazine!



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